Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center (CMBRC)
Wednesday, 20 June 2018  
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cellular and molecular biology research center
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Welcome to Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center   PDF  Print  E-mail 


 Whether you are seeking specific information or simply want to learn more about our activities, we are very pleased to welcome you to our research center on the Internet. Please click on the following link to read more...


Cellular and molecular Biology Research Center (CMBRC) was established in March 2001 and received final approval from the ministry of Health and Medical Education, Tehran, Iran.
CMBRC chaired by Dr. Ahmad Hosseini, PhD of Anatomy and Reproductive Biology. Also, experienced faculty and academic staffs are available at this research center to serve as a research mentor.
Advanced laboratory devices and latest techniques are applied in variable branches of research such as: histology, cell culture, genetic, biotechnology, parasitology, neurobiology, embryology, transgenic animals, and ultra-structured studies by electron microscope.
According to annually evaluations performed by deputy of aforesaid ministry, CMBRC recognized as the premier research center among all other research centers of Iran in years 2003, 2004, and 2006.

This research center contains three departments:

1) Biotechnology and Tissue Engineering 

2) Developmental Biology and Stem cell

3) Neurobiology

Resarch center activities

  • Investigating and diagnosing various bacterial, and parasitic infections;
  • Genotyping various microorganisms;
  • DNA Vaccine;
  • Designing diagnostic kits (Chlamydia trachomatis, toxoplasma Gondii, etc.)
  • Mutation detection;
  • Performing hybridization;
  • Studying membrane systems and cell organelles using TEM;
  • Performing embryo and cell culture
  • Setting up therapeutic cloning and producing trans-genetic animals;
  • Setting up, producing, and purifying neo-compund proteins;
  • Providing various RNA and DNA probes;
  • Producing mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and their differentiation;
  • Conducting Cell Micro-manipulations;
  • Doing Ultra-Structural Studies;
  • Studying the effects of new drugs in treating skin diseases produced by fungi

Available Techniques and methods

  • Conducting different PCR methods including PCR, RT-PCR, and PCR-RFLP;
  • Performing various electrophoresis methods including PAGE,SDS-PAGE,CSGE,and TGGE;
  • Performing different blotting techniques including Western Blotting, Southern Blotting, Northern Blotting, and Dot Blotting;
  • Performing different chromatography methods including Affinity Chromatography, Gel Filtration, and Ion Exchange;
  • Working with ELISA Technique;
  • Performing in vitro fertilization;
  • Performing vitrification;
  • Conducting Immuno-Histochemistry;

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